18 – 19 April 2024 | Online Festival

Day One

Anne Sheather, Executive Art-Based Coach, Supervisor and Author

Anna Sheather is an APECS-accredited master executive coach and an AC-accredited master supervisor, as well as an artist. As she developed and grew as a coach, she was more drawn to combining her passion for creating with her love for coaching. She has developed a formal art-based coaching (ABC) approach through research and practice and offers accredited ABC development programmes for coaches, including the ADCT Diploma in Art-Based Coaching.

She shares her approach, practice, research and writing through her website, ART in Coaching and her book, “Coaching Beyond Words – Using Art to Deepen and Enrich Our Conversations”, Routledge 2019. She has been running Élan Coaching, her executive coaching practice, since January 2007 and ART in Coaching since 2016.

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Dr Nat Clegg, Coaching Psychologist, PhD in Coaching and Team Development Specialist

Dr Nat Clegg has been living in Turin, Italy, for over 20 years and working internationally in over 71 countries. These environments have provided Nat with a long-term connection to diverse cultures, belief systems, and the connection with certainty and uncertainty as a global concept.

Nat studied Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art in the 1980s, then later, after leaving teaching, continued his studies in coaching psychology, then hypno-psychotherapy towards completing his PhD in Coaching Psychology in the Spring of 2023. Nat uses creative approaches that allow the client to speak the unspeakable.

Nat runs workshops on automatic drawing and painting, sourcing imagery and unconscious connections using symbolism and metaphors. Nat’s work is that of the sacred mountain, in this case, Monte Viso, the spiritual mountain of Torino. Nat has a keen interest in psychology, psychotherapy and creativity in medicine. He is dedicated to art and mark-making towards the concept of that which is more significant than human existence.

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Elaine Patterson, Reflective Thinking Partner, Executive Coach, Supervisor, and Writer

Elaine Patterson is an international executive coach, coach supervisor, reflective thinking partner, organizational development consultant and writer. She has an in MA Executive Coaching and is a senior faculty member of the Coaching Supervision Academy International Ltd.

Elaine is the co-founder of Patterson Prentice Designs, an award-winning team bringing creativity to the world of leadership and professional practice. Alongside Karyn Prentice, she teaches an EMCC Global EQA Accredited Diploma programme called “Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Wholehearted Creativity”. She is the founder of Centre for Reflection and Creativity to spread the message of her book Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection, Reflective Practice and Supervision for Creative Leadership and Professional Practice.

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Karyn Prentice, Coach, Supervisor, Facilitator and Writer

Karyn Prentice is an international executive coach, supervisor, author, and founder of Fletcher-Prentice Associates providing leadership, executive, team, and career coaching as well as coaching supervision. She designs and facilitates workshops, and leadership and management development programmes. Her coaching includes coaching outdoors in nature and she is the author of Nature’s Way – a book about utilising the seasons and the lens of nature for personal development.

Karyn is the co-founder of Patterson Prentice Designs, an award-winning team bringing creativity to the world of leadership and professional practice. Alongside Karyn Prentice, she teaches an EMCC Global EQA Accredited Diploma programme called “Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Wholehearted Creativity”.

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Stephanie Wheeler, Leadership, Personal Development and Systemic Team Coach, Author and Speaker

Stephanie Wheeler has a background in international commercial dispute resolution as a former lawyer, and she is an accredited individual and team coach with an MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. She is also a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and contributing editor of The LSP Magazine.

Stephanie has been a guest lecturer at Masters coaching courses at Henley Business School and the University of East London.

She has written peer-reviewed research articles and, with Teresa Leyman, co-authored “Playfulness in Coaching Exploring Our Untapped Potential Through Playfulness, Creativity and Imagination”, which was awarded Coaching Book of the Year 2023 by the Henley Centre for Coaching. Together with Teresa, Stephanie runs online and in-person workshops for coaches exploring playfulness in coaching.

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Teresa Leyman, Executive, Team & Agile Coach, Facilitator and Author

Teresa Leyman has over 25 years of experience working with individuals and teams within hi-tech companies, and she is an accredited individual and team coach with an MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change and a Professional Certificate in Supervision from Henley Business School. She has been a guest lecturer at Masters coaching courses at Henley Business School and the University of East London.

Teresa has co-authored “Playfulness in Coaching: Exploring Our Untapped Potential Through Playfulness, Creativity and Imagination” with Stephanie, which was awarded Coaching Book of the Year 2023 by the Henley Centre for Coaching. Together with Stephanie, Teresa runs online and in-person workshops for coaches exploring playfulness in coaching.

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David Love, Leadership Coach, Supervisor, Mentor, Educator, Author and Art-based Practitioner

David Love is an experienced leadership coach and supervisor who uses art and cartooning to provide clients with different ways of seeing. The use of cartooning has grown out of activities outside work, such as creating humorous books for his two young grandchildren.

David strongly believes in the power of art and cartooning to generate new insights that would have yet to emerge through the more usual ways of addressing topics. They open up opportunities for clients to explore highly personal matters and map the systemic factors involved. David also believes that humanity needs all the creative endeavours we can muster if we are to tackle existential threats such as inequality, poverty, and the climate crisis.

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Julie Flower, Leadership Development and Behaviour Change Practitioner with Integrated Improvisation, Author and Speaker

Julie Flower is a leadership and team development practitioner with a background in public service and third-sector leadership. Julie is also an External Tutor in Coaching at Henley Business School and a co-editor of Passmore, J. et al. (eds.) (2021, 2022, 2023) Coaching Tools. Volumes 1, 2 and 3. She runs a leadership development practice, “The Specialist Generalist”, and works internationally with leading consultancies.

Julie is an experienced improvised comedy performer with award-winning Improbotics and can regularly be seen making things up on stage at festivals, including Edinburgh Fringe. She has shared her research and practice on improv and coaching with various audiences, including The British Psychological Society, the ICF UK Conference, and the London Coaching Group.

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Day Two

Auriel Majumdar, EMCC Master Practitioner, Creative Coach, Supervisor, Consultant and Educator

Auriel Majumdar is a Creative Coach, Supervisor, Consultant and Educator specializing in leadership, team, and personal development in the creative and cultural sectors. Her practices emphasize using creative techniques to challenge people to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.

Auriel has a BSc. in Psychology from the University of Durham and an MSc. in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, where she was subsequently Course Leader for the Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Programme. She has a postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education and a professional certificate of advanced study in coaching supervision from Oxford Brookes University. Auriel is an accredited Time to Think coach and an EMCC-accredited Master Practitioner and Coach Supervisor practising within the EMCC’s Code of Ethics.

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Stephen Brown, Creative Coach, Consultant, Coach Educator, and Podcaster

Stephen Brown is an experienced coach, coach educator and consultant, accredited by the EMCC at Senior Practitioner level. In his practice, he works with clients across all sectors at an executive level and beyond. He is the host of the successful podcast series ‘STRETCH’, is the voice and producer of the EMCC UK’s podcast and has contributed to a growing number of publications shining a light on creative coaching. His passion lies in helping people unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and find harmony.

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Pearl Jordan, Performance and Wellbeing Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Pearl Jordan is a Performance and Wellbeing specialist, speaker, trainer, and coach known for bringing joy, energy and enthusiasm to any stage of life. She founded The Rhythmic Remedy®, a movement-inspired and holistic personal and professional development approach. Pearl’s career spans 30-plus years within the performance industry and more than 15 years in the health and wellbeing sector. Pearl innately knows how to help people show up and deliver their best performance, whether on the actual stage or the stage of life.

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Charmaine Pollard, Life Coach, Poetry Therapist, Counsellor and Author

Charmaine Pollard is a coach and certified poetry therapist. For over 10 years, she has been driven by her passion for helping people succeed personally and professionally. Her work includes resilience coaching for individuals and business coaching for sole traders and SME owners who want to move forward and flourish.

As part of her approach, Charmaine embraces the transformative power of creativity and specializes in combining poetry with coaching to help her clients get the results they desire. She has extensive experience implementing coaching programmes, including within schools, prisons and the community. She is also the author of “Writing for Resilience: Finding the Courage to Bounce Back”.

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Beth Clare McManus, Coaching Psychologist, EMCC Senior Practitioner, Supervisor, PhD Student and Artist

Beth Clare McManus is a creative northerner from Manchester, UK. She is interested in the potential for creativity to support our capacity to reflect, alongside well-being and emotions in organizations. Her best work happens at the intersection of psychology, coaching, and creativity.

Beth has a diverse professional practice portfolio, including part-time employment at the Co-op and freelance work as an organizational psychologist, coach, supervisor, and illustrator. She views volunteering as a professional responsibility, supporting professional membership bodies and local organizations in various fulfilling roles.

Beth is working towards a PhD exploring the role of creativity in coaching psychology.

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Andréa Watts, First specialist in Coaching with Collage, Trainer, Speaker and Author

Andréa Watts is the first specialist in coaching with collage and founded UnglueYou®, her coaching business, in 2012. Her passion for her subject stems from her belief that we are all creative and hold a wealth of untapped wisdom and intuition in our unconscious. Andréa’s vision is: “To see the Collage Coaching Technique™ used globally as a creative coaching tool for releasing people’s potential”.

To enable this ambition, she delivers ICF and AC-approved training for coaches using her 3 stage framework, the Collage Coaching Technique™. She also gave guest lectures on coach psychology programmes at several London universities, was an honorary lecturer at City University London, and was the Coaching in Context module lead at Birkbeck University.

 To further share her knowledge and passion for creativity in coaching, Andréa authored “Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool: A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches and Psychologists”, published by Routledge in 2022. As an experienced coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker, in addition to her one-to-one coaching, her clients include Google, Imperial College London, Moët Hennessey, The United States Air Force and Jenny Garrett OBE. 

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Jackee Holder, Leadership Coach, Coach Supervisor, Facilitator and Magazine Columnist

Jackee Holder is an Executive Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Supervisor and Creativity Expert working across various sectors, including NHS, further education, higher education, media, public sectors and cultural and creative industries. Her creative and intuitive approach brings learning and training alive whilst offering skilful facilitation and embodiment of coaching and personal development in real and practical ways. She is the author of “Soul Purpose”, “Be Your Own Best Life Coach”, and “49 Ways to Write Yourself Well” and has contributed to several books, including Inside Creativity Coaching and The Creativity Workbook for Coaches, edited by Eric Maisel.

Jackee has written three print non-fiction titles and two illustrated nature-themed writing maps, Writing With Fabulous Trees and Re-Wilding The Page Writing Maps. In 2016, she self-published the Inner & Outer Nature Self Discovery card deck, a collection of 49 nature-inspired journal writing prompts bringing together the benefits of nature and therapeutic writing.

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Sally Waters, Coach and Co-lead of the EMCC’s Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology

Sally Waters is a coach with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She works with clients as they navigate the complexities of life and work, creating space for clients to hear themselves think and putting wellbeing at the heart of coaching conversations. She is exploring the role of creativity in her coaching practice and can be found writing about life, work, creativity and wellbeing on Substack. Sally is also a co-lead of the EMCC’s Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group.

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